Susie’s Empowering Week at a Menopause Retreat | Case Study

Susie, a breast cancer survivor, faced an unforeseen challenge when early menopause set in as a side effect of her chemotherapy treatment. The transition was abrupt and brutal, compounded by the lack of support and understanding that often accompanies menopause experiences.

Post-chemo, Susie found herself in a perpetual state of ‘chemo fog’, which seamlessly transitioned into menopause-induced ‘brain fog’. This had a profound impact on her life and her relationships. Her family struggled to recognize the once lively and vibrant Susie as she felt lost and detached from her former self.

In her search for a way to reclaim her life, Susie stumbled upon an email about a menopause-focused boot camp, which seemed to blend physical fitness with mental and spiritual wellness. After a heart-to-heart with Paula, a team member who shared her menopause journey, Susie felt an instant connection and a spark of hope. This retreat promised more than physical training; it offered a path to understanding and coping with the changes her body and mind were undergoing.

Once at the retreat, Susie found an environment of warmth and genuine care. The program was physically challenging and deeply nurturing for the mind and soul. She bonded with eight other women, forming a support system she had been missing. The activities, while challenging, proved fulfilling and enlightening, offering insights into both personal growth and broader life lessons.

Susie left the retreat rejuvenated, feeling like the best version of herself – a blend of her old and new self. It was more than just a physical transformation; it was a mental and emotional rebirth. She walked away with renewed pride, ready to embrace life with the vigour and joy she once knew.

Susie’s journey highlights the power of targeted support and understanding during life’s challenging transitions. Her experience stands as a beacon of hope for others facing similar struggles, proving that with the proper guidance, one can rediscover their strength and joy. As Susie herself says, this menopause retreat was a gift – one that gave her back to herself.


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