Version 3.0: Nina’s Remarkable Transformation at the Menopause Retreat TEAM Bootcamp

Nina, having previously experienced the initial trials of our Menopause Retreat, decided to return for a second time. Her journey was fueled by the desire to continue the progress she had started, especially in the face of menopause-related challenges.

Despite her initial confidence, Nina faced ongoing struggles with weight loss and menopause symptoms. Her first experience provided a foundation, but she still felt gaps in her knowledge and tools to cope with these changes effectively.

A deeper engagement marked Nina’s return to the retreat. The comprehensive program, including talks on positivity, nutrition, and exercise, particularly resistance training for bone health, provided her with the specific guidance she needed. The supportive environment of this retreat, along with the trainers and fellow attendees, played a crucial role in her journey.

This second experience at the retreat equipped Nina with a more concrete plan and a clearer understanding of her needs. She left with actionable strategies, from a precise shopping list to a tailored exercise regime focusing on resistance training. This time, Nina felt more prepared to implement what she learned daily.

Nina’s transformation was both physical and mental. She gained confidence in her ability to reach her goals, feeling halfway through her weight loss journey and profoundly enriched mentally. Her role in supporting and inspiring other women at the camp was particularly empowering. Nina now sees herself as an advocate for the program, firmly believing in its benefits and eager to share her positive experience with others.

Nina’s story at the New Horizons Menopause Retreat is an inspiring tale of continuous growth and self-improvement. It underscores the importance of persistence, the value of a supportive community, and the transformative power of a holistic approach to health and wellness.


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