Linda’s Empowerment at TEAM Bootcamp: A Menopause Retreat Case Study

At 60, Linda faced a significant personal challenge. After seeing videos and photos of herself, she realized she was not the person she used to be or wanted to be. A previous boot camp experience with her daughter sparked her interest in a menopause retreat, but her fitness had declined significantly due to struggles with her back.

Linda’s decreased physical activity, compounded by fears of injury, had led her to a state of apprehension and avoidance. She had stopped engaging in activities she once loved, like gardening, due to fear of hurting her back, which had been a source of intense pain in the past.

The turning point came when Linda contacted TEAM Bootcamp and connected with Paula. Despite her apprehensions about being post-menopausal and her suitability for the program, Paula encouraged her to join. The support and stories of other individuals at the camp and the trainers’ affirmation helped her confront her fears.

The week’s major highlight for Linda was rediscovering her courage. Despite a moment of overwhelming fear during a particularly challenging circuit exercise, she pushed through with the support of fellow campers and trainers. This experience and the holistic therapies offered at the camp helped her realise her strength and potential.

Linda left the menopause camp feeling courageous, a sentiment she hadn’t experienced in a long time. The journey had been about more than just physical fitness; it was a rediscovery of self and overcoming deep-seated fears. She advises others to come with an open mind, ready to rediscover their strength and essence.

Linda’s story at the New Horizons Menopause Retreat is a testament to the power of supportive communities and holistic approaches in overcoming personal barriers and rediscovering inner strength, especially during menopause. Her experience serves as an inspiration to others, showing that age and physical limitations are not barriers to personal growth and transformation.


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