Ita’s Life-Changing Experience at the Menopause Retreat, TEAM Bootcamp

Life at the cafe on the beach at Pet Level in East Sussex was no ordinary task for 56-year-old Ita. As she took over the cafe a year ago, she envisioned calm waves and a stress-free life. But reality, while struggling with menopause, painted a different picture.

The bustling beach cafe consumed Ita’s life more than she ever anticipated. While she loved baking, the routine became an escape rather than a joy. Instead of finding relaxation in whipping up cakes and pastries, she felt she was losing a part of herself. This constant stress strained her relationships with her husband, daughter, and friends. As she described, “The smallest things… it was all-consuming.”

Ita realized she needed more than just her kitchen to find solace. She had visited various boot camps, but none resonated deeply. Yet, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. The word around town was that the Menopause Retreat at TEAM Bootcamp was different. Drawn by this allure, she decided to give it a try.

The experience on the Menopause Retreat was unparalleled. From mindfulness sessions, yoga, and meditation to the warm embrace of nature with dogs, goats, ducks, and horses, Ita was enwrapped in healing. The trainers, especially Jack and Charlotte, were instrumental in creating a sense of community with their passion and genuine care. It wasn’t just about the physical grind but also nurturing the soul. And the food? As Ita exclaimed, “Oh my God, the food… it’s so good here!”

Ita emerged from the Menopause Retreat with a rejuvenated spirit. She was no longer the stressed cafe owner from East Sussex but a woman who had reconnected with her true essence. The retreat left an indelible mark on her heart, and she emphasized, “You won’t go home and just go back to the same routines. It will change your soul just a little bit.” Armed with new energy and a transformed perspective, Ita encourages everyone, “You need to experience it and be open.”

In conclusion, Ita’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of the right environment, guidance, and community support. Her week at the Menopause Retreat is a beacon of hope and inspiration for others facing similar life challenges.

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