I Needed This Menopause Retreat 20 Years Ago! | Case Study

Before attending the New Horizons Menopause Retreat, Cheryl faced a complex challenge in her personal life. Being on estrogen blockers and unable to take HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) for menopause, she found herself struggling with symptoms that significantly impacted her daily life.

This inability to take HRT led to various difficulties, such as brain fog, forgetfulness, and a significant loss of confidence. Cheryl’s menopause symptoms were exacerbated by her medical condition, creating a sense of isolation and anxiety. She also recognized the importance of physical health, particularly for bone strength and core stability, but found it challenging to integrate this into her life.

The turning point for Cheryl was her decision to attend this Menopause Retreat, which is specifically designed for menopausal women. She found a community of women going through similar experiences here. The camp, led by Paula and her team, offered physical exercises, workshops, and talks focusing on mental health and self-care. Cheryl resonated with the stories of other women, realizing she was not alone in her journey.

Cheryl found the talks by Paula on positivity, intention setting, and journal writing particularly enlightening. These sessions taught her the importance of slowing down and genuinely investing time in self-care practices. The camp offered a holistic approach, catering to physical needs through yoga and pilates and emotional needs through group discussions and personal reflections.

Cheryl emerged from the retreat with a renewed sense of purpose and understanding. She learned to give herself the much-needed time to practice self-care, an aspect of her life she had previously overlooked. Cheryl’s transformation was so profound that she eagerly anticipated attending another session and was passionate about encouraging her friends to experience this life-changing retreat.

Cheryl’s story is a testament to the power of targeted support, community understanding, and holistic health practices in navigating the challenges of menopause. Her retreat experience is an inspiration, showing that with the proper guidance, it’s possible to emerge more robust, confident, and ready to embrace life’s next chapter.


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